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Chilled, calm, collective…he is one cool cat.  That aside, there is some seriousness to Ben.  He exudes the passion aboard Niue’s Whale Research Team – the need for speed-y recovery of these Endangered Oceania Humpback Whales.  It is not all just fun and games basking in the sun and looking out at the horizon for the chance at seeing a “blow” (whale exhalation; much like a water spout) which is our cue for “skin pole collector, GPS, data entry, camera…ACTION”.  Ben is hands on and is a true asset to Niue’s Whale Research Team.  He has played an integral part in all aspects of Niue’s Whale Research Project from fundraising, research preparations, school presentations, documentation, oh and the most important – our Social Network (needless to say the brains in the operation of winning trivia games – namely hosted at the Coral Gardens Motel & Bar in Niue – thanks Ben!


Whale extraordinaire, this woman is amazing!  With her vast knowledge and experience, she can practically predict all whale manoeuvres you simply wanna sit back and enjoy the ride.  But this is research people…the show must go on…and quite literally as Humpback Whales are known for their aqua-batic moves we can be often distracted with entertainment.  Rest assured, Olive always wears the “leader hat” making sure we document all the finer details!  Olive says the whales (referring to Niue whales) are “skiddish”, quite shy more or less, as opposed to their Ozzie neighbours who burst out the OI OI OI I think.  But obviously it could be that the numbers are low and these whales that migrate through Niue waters much like resemble the people – Endangered, and perhaps fragile hence exhibit a cautious approach around boats (yes you read right - there are few Niueans on the island itself so we are very much like the Humpbacks – Endangered!). 
Olive is a living, breathing inspiration for the work done and being achieved in marine mammal conservation in the Pacific! 


(One who has seen the New Zealand movie ‘Boy’ gets this!)

Although absent, her presence is always felt out in the water especially, trying to combine our inner superpowers to conjure up whale activity….aaahhhh….BREACH….there she goes!!  With her marine science background, Cara continues to teach science in New Zealand always being an inspiration to us and her students.  



ALWAYS TOLD TO SING TO THE WHALES…BUT, MISINTERPRETS THIS FOR A HAKA LOL!!  And…..there will always be time for a Haka! 

Always echoing the words of Olive Andrews – “Where there’s a whale, there’s a way!”.  As Founder and President of Oma Tafua, words simply cannot express how tremendously grateful she is to the Team, to the wider Niuean community that support the cause (in Niue, NZ, Australia, and downright everywhere), the Niuean people that have volunteered their time to research efforts, volunteer boats and yachts in current and previous research expeditions, and grateful to you who have visited this site!

NOTE ... you might be thinking this is one good looking team!  You are right! But in all seriousness, we have a black belt in all things Marine Science and Conservation we do have an attacking side. Cara has a Degree in Marine Science, Fiafia in Marine Affairs/Geography and a student of a Bachelor of Laws, Olive is a research scientist of the South Pacific Whale Research Consortium and Director of the consultancy of Whaleology, further, also holds a degree in Marine Science (specialist in training and technical advice in marine mammal conservation and management…the list simply goes on!!), Ben holds a degree in International Community Development and has worked extensively on whale conservation, climate change and health issues in Pacific Island Countries including Samoa, Niue and Palau.  This is only a brief too, in the words of Irwin…”Crikey!!”.

BUT, like many non profit organisations, we stress we do need funds as means of increasing our defense!  We are always in need of support.  Please if you are able to help us and our worthy cause, visit our contact page.  We are accepting donations and rely heavily on this for our ongoing contributions to whale research and learning more about these magnificent and yet endangered and vulnerable species.  Thank you.





We, Niue’s Whale Research Team, are passionate about this cause – saving marine mammals, and educating the wider community about their plight.  Perhaps this GREAT DAY shall arrive and the Endangered Oceania Humpback Whales will return to a healthier and thriving population much like many centuries ago.



Thank you for visiting our site!  Kia Monuina and Oue Tulu Tulou!



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